ThermoMax – frost protection

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Frost Protection.
Apply @ 250mls per hectare,  2-3 weekly when frosts are likely.

ThermoMax MSDS.


Frost Protection.

ThermoMax raises internal plant temperature by 0.7-2.0 °C, providing a “warmth cushion” for extra protection during frosts. ThermoMax can also help to speed up the growth cycle promoting more compact flowering, a shorter growing season and earlier harvest (for up to 3 weeks per application).

ThermoMax is ideal for Tamarillo, Avocado, Kiwifruit, Grapes, Passionfruit, Apples and other general crops.

Apply @ 250mls per hectare, every 2-3 weeks when frosts are likely. Or 2mls per litre with a backpack sprayer. Spray to ‘wet’.

Apply Etherics 1000 3 days before the 4th application of ThermoMax. Apply Etherics 1000 in a seperate application to ThermoMax.

Both ThermoMax and Etherics 1000 can be applied with any other spray, except ThermoMax should not be applied with Urea.

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