Etherics 7

Etherics 7 (E7) is used for both Drought Resistance and Effluent Treatment.

Its activity is bought about through an stimulation of the Calcium and Oxygen activities in the Soil, Effluents and Plants. Etherics 7 is a specially formulated collection of the Biodynamic preparations that emphasises their digestive activity.

Effluent Treatment
Etherics 7 has been found, in over a dozen trials, to reduce the smell and increase solids breakdown, which provides minimal crusting in effluent systems.
Once the effluent is spread the grass is more palatable to the cows which graze the pasture more evenly. They also appear more contented with less feed.

These results have been experienced by New Zealand, United Kingdom, Chilean and Australian dairy farmers. Application is 1 litre poured into the effluent pond, followed by 100mls per week sprayed over the milking platform and washed down. Cost approx. $160(NZ)


Drought Resistance

Trials carried out on a Dairy farm growing feed turnips, during a dry season, has shown that one application of E7 a few weeks after sowing had a significant impact on the size and health of the sprayed plants (left)

/images/0000/0075/Turnip_Orsono.jpg   /images/0000/0077/turnips_fields_2011.jpg

Etherics 7 MSDS