Water Uptake Reducer

“Greetings, R…. E…… here, just to let you know: I have been using by now 2x  ZeroIn on Pinot Noir and my other varieties-Malbec and Viognier
– In the last two days we had about 100 ml rain, NO SPLITTING!!!. Pinot Noir is specifically sensitive at this stage, as it is close to ripeness
I also use RipeMax as I know from previous years how it works!
Kind regards,   R…..”  6 March 2011

see the full 2006 season Research report here

Results of 8 field trials on Kiwifruit – 2005-07

ZeroIn achieves its effects naturally through focusing the plant’s growth into the roots of the plant. This retards upward sap flow to the top of the plant thus reducing water flow during rain events. The ‘side effects’ of this process is to

increase Dry Matter levels

reduce Standard Deviation levels of dry matter

maintain fruit at its existing size

reduce Fruit Splitting on stone fruit

retard plants going to seed

encourage root growth,


making it the perfect end-of-season spray.
It has no legally required withholding period,

ZeroIn can not be used on kiwifruit as we have chosen not to do the contamination test Zespri require, due to low interest in it from kiwifruit growers.

Trials on Gold and Green Kiwifruit

have shown a average of 25% increase in TZG payout over four replicated trial orchards

1% increase in Dry Matter over the last 14 days of growth – after spraying


Dry Matter change over three sample dates
on Dominion Park Orchard

Application is 2 sprays a week apart, starting two weeks prior to harvest
Cost: $120 per ha

In the 2005 season

On ready to pick Gold Kiwifruit, after two applications of ZeroIn a week apart, followed by 10 days of rain,

the Dry Matter levels were .7% higher in the treated area.

The TZI (Taste Zespri Indicator)  was 30% higher

This achieved mostly due to the evenness of Dry Matter readings over the sample

ZeroIn MSDS.