Etherics seaweed

Etherics Seaweed has all the Biodynamic preparations to provide overall soil and plant balance, with certified seaweed, to provide a wide range of trace element based nutrition. Together they make a excellent soil and plant tonic, which leads to healthy plants that resist many pests and diseases.

If you want one spray to do many things this is it.

Joanna Lowry of Okawa in Hawkes Bay wrote

” I have been spraying my vegetables and pot plants for some years now. When I started I couldn’t believe the difference it made! My geraniums flower all summer now and my plants are all so much stronger and healthier.  I start in the spring and give the plants a monthly feed – its amazing”


Sprayers and Watering Cans

50mls per litre of water

Field and Orchards

5lts per hectare


Testimonial: Clyde Potter