Biodynamic Agricultures approach to fungal control begins with the conditions of the soil. Dr Steiner’s suggestions for controlling fungal issues is contained in the 6th lecture of his ‘Agriculture’ lectures. Here he provides a picture of all the energetic activities that go allow the conditions within which fungus’ can develop. Using these insights FG4 works to minimise these conditions. It does not kill any fungus, it works to help the soil plant relationship so that the conditions for fungus do not occur.

FG4 has been developed over a 20 year period, however it is only now that the detrimental effects of sulphur and copper are being acknowledged, that it is worth offering this alternative.

Trials have been carried out over recent years on several crops. Grapes, Kiwifruit and Stonefruit have all responded well, while the vegetables zucchini, potatoes, pumpkin and brassica have also seen good results.

While healthy plants have been achieved solely with the use of FG4, we suggest that sulphur applications are reduced ONLY once you feel comfortable with the action of FG4.


Backpacks – 2mls per litre of water to coverapproximately 80sqmts

Commercai – 100mls per acre or 250mls per hectare


Apply every three weeks throughout the growing season. In periods of stress eg drought, apply every two weeks.


Chaos Springs experience with using FG4