The BdMax Approach

BdMax products are only part of what is needed for successful cropping.  Our products focus on enhancing very specific elements of plant growth. Warmth, Light and Moisture are three essentials every plant needs. ThermoMax provides more warmth, PhotoMax enhances light utilization, Etherics 7 enhances water utilization by plants, while ZeroIn helps limit excess water uptake. These products have a wide range of very beneficial ‘side effects’, which are outlined on our product information pages.  These basic functions however need adequate nutrients and good soil mechanics to be able to perform at their best. The basics of good soil science, including re-mineralisation where needed, along with organic matter and humus management, landscape management and prudent fiscal management, are all THE basis upon which these BdMax products are added.

Good nutrition has to be maintained for high production. We suggest growers work with the ideas of Dr Albrecht and Brookside laboratories, to maintain optimum levels of the basic cations – Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium and Sodium – and once these are aligned focus upon the trace element levels. Adequate and balanced mineral levels in the soil are equivalent to strong and stable foundations to a house. These are required to build a secure house above. Dr Albrecht was a micro-biologist and the mineral levels he suggests are those which promote maximum soil biological activity as well as maximum availability of the wide range of mineral elements needed for healthy plant growth.

Along with adequate minerals, the soils carbon status is also very important. There are several techniques for maintaining and building these. Crop rotation, crop trash incorporation and cover crops are good for large acreages, while compost and worm cast compost are very useful over smaller acreages. Compost is a very variable thing, and only good quality compost – rather than burnt organic matter – should be used.

With adequate minerals and good carbon management, good biological activity should follow. It is however sometimes wise to stimulate biological activity with the additions of biological stimulants in the form of compost teas, effective micro-organisms, or similar commercial ‘bug brews’. Carbohydrate, in the form of various sugars such as molasses, and humic and fulvic acids, and mineral humates all add to the soils biological development.

Extra nutrition throughout the season can also be gained from using liquid manures, such as fish fertilizer or seaweed liquids. Various chelated major and trace elements can also be added if foliar testing show necessary elements to be low.

Combining all of the above elements will ensure you are well on your way to acceptable production and long term sustainability, and provide an excellent base upon which our growth and quality enhancing products can perform the best for you.

While consultancy is not our primary occupation, we can head you in the right direction, through recommending capable consultants, or sources of other inputs.