ThermoMax – organic frost protection

ThermoMax raises internal plant temperature by 0.7-2.0 °C, providing a “warmth cushion” for extra protection during frosts. ThermoMax can also help to speed up the growth cycle promoting more compact flowering, more fruit set and a shorter growing season with an earlier harvest (up to 3 weeks).

ThermoMax is ideal for Tamarillo, Avocado, Kiwifruit, Grapes, Passionfruit, Apples and other general crops.

ThermoMax: General Use

ThermoMax: Compatibility

Scientific research on ThermoMax

HortResearch trials have shown ThermoMax increased fruit set on apples by 50% at -2°C and 33% at -4°C frost:

HortResearch graph

See the full report by HortResearch for details.

ThermoMax on Potatoes – Chile 2012

ThermoMax MSDS.

Some Results

Sprayed with ThermoMax Unsprayed
Sprayed plant Unsprayed plant

The photos above were taken in May 2005 in a Bay of Plenty Avocado orchard. These trees were virtually side by side and similar results were obtained throughout the 150 tree orchard in comparisons between ThermoMax protected and unprotected Avocado trees.


ThermoMax treated Tamarillo plants in the background with the dead untreated control plant in the left middle.

Testimonials by growers on various crops.


About $80 per hectare per application. Discounts for large quantities are available. Contact us for guidance on your particular situation.

Apply 250mls per hectare, with your normal water rate, or 2mls per litre of water in a backpack sprayer.

Apply ThermoMax at 2-3 weekly applications during the frost season. It is best to have ThermoMax sprayed on two days before the frost if possible. Good results have been reported when applied the afternoon before the frost.

A few days before the fourth application of ThermoMax, apply Etherics 1000 as directed. Etherics 1000 can be included in with any other spray round products. Apply Etherics 1000 separately to ThermoMax.

Do not apply ThermoMax with Urea, everything else of ok.