Evaluation of Bird Repellent Spray on Winegrapes

McArtney S., Ward S., Dayatilake G. A. and Wünsche, J.N.

for HortResearch, Hawkes Bay

Report to Garuda Homeopathics Ltd (edited for presentation)

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Executive Summary

In 2003, one Garuda Homeopathics Ltd. products; ‘BirdScare’ was evaluated in a trial on Cabernet Sauvignon winegrapes growing in a commercial vineyard in the Hawke’s Bay region.

This trial revealed significant positive effects fruit quality (bird damage).

•  Multiple applications of ‘BirdScare’ had no effect on the incidence of bird damage under high bird pressure, but significantly reduced the proportion of bunches with a high damage score, and increased the proportion of bunches with a low damage score. The net effect of these responses would be to reduce the development of sour rots within the crop. Any further research with ‘BirdScare’ should include an evaluation of the product’s efficacy under moderate bird pressure, and include microvinification to ensure that there are no negative product effects on either fermentation or wine quality.

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BirdScare Information          

BirdScare is made from a mixture of homeopathic biodynamic herbal preparations. It is BioGro registered (IFOAM) and exempt from registration under the NZ governmements ACVM regulations.

BirdScare is sprayed on the plant and soil of a given area. Once dry, it works from within the plant and soil, to make the area ‘unpalatable’ energetically,  for the birds to remain in.  BirdScare is a ‘homeopathic’ bird that works to harmonise the bird influence of the sprayed area.

Growers report the birds simple leave and stay away. Often the type of bird in the area changes. The destructive birds leave and often others that do not cause damage take their place.

Reports from kiwifruit ‘gold’ growers, over the last five seasons, show they have had good success keeping birds off their sweet flower buds, when BirdScare was applied twice at a 7 -10 day interval, in at least 500lts of water. A third spray could then be applied after 2-3 weeks.

It has also shown very good results on all stonefruit, cherries, peaches, plums and almonds.

BirdScare MSDS.

Application Rate: 250mls per hectare in 500 litres of water. 100mls per acre. Backpacks: 1ml per litre.

Apply two sprays, seven days apart. Apply further applications every 2-3 weeks.

Cost: $60/application or $45 /application with 5lt purchase.