Commonly asked questions

What are they made from?

BdMax products are manufactured from the very simple garden herbs Valerian, Dandelion, Chamomile, Yarrow, Oak and Stinging Nettle. These herbs have gone through a composting process before being rhythmically diluted using homeopathic principles. They are then blended based upon extensive research carried out by the Garuda Biodynamic Institute of New Zealand.

Is it safe from residues?

As BdMax products are made from homeopathic biodynamic preparations, the active ingredients are very dilute, and so there is no possibility of any residues being present at harvest.
All BdMax products submitted for approval by the ACUM have been determined to be exempt from registration due to their nil toxicity.

They are also BioGro registered in New Zealand and Demeter approved in the EU, as permitted unrestricted use inputs, on organic properties.

See the Accreditations page for the ACVM and BioGro documents.

What form does it come in?

BdMax products are liquid and are generally packaged in plastic containers.

Can BdMax sprays be mixed with other BdMax products?

Generally this is a successful practice. We do suggest Etherics 1000 be applied seperately from our specialty sprays, as Etherics 1000 has a strong balancing effect, while the specialty sprays are working for a specific ‘one sided’ goal.

Can BdMax sprays be mixed with other spray products?

We have done limited research on this topic. however no negative effects have been reported where our products are mixed with liquid manures, copper and sulphur sprays or other chemical insecticides pr fungicides. If in doubt do a trial area. Please tell us of your findings.

Can BdMax sprays be mixed with biological sprays eg compost teas?

Due to biological organisms sensitivity to alcohol, we suggest you use our range of alcohol free products, for this application. We use alcohol to preserve the products, thus the alcohol free products must be used immediately. Their keeping time is only a month or so.

When do I apply Etherics 1000?

Apply Etherics 1000, 3 or so days prior to every 4th application, of a specialty spray.

What else can Etherics 1000 be used for?

Etherics 1000 is THE general BD spray. It can be watered into compost heaps and added to liquid manures – at 1ml per litre of water per cubic metre of compost or 1ml per 2 litres of liquid manure. It can also be sprayed over plants to support their general health, and will also help the breakdown of septic tanks and reduce unwanted smells.

How is it applied?

Most BdMax products are applied at 250mls per hectare or 100mls per acre, and are sprayed through any horticultural sprayer at the required amount of water for the sprayer to cover the desired area. It is suggested you use a minimum of 250 litres per hectare. If you are doing low volume spraying be sure to use the required amount per hectare regardless of the water rate you use. For home garden use apply the products at 2mls per litre of water per 80 square meters of area sprayed.

How densely does it need to be applied?

BdMax sprays should be sprayed to ‘wet’. It does not need to be sprayed to ‘dripping’ however if it is it will not cause any harm

How often should it be sprayed?

This depends on the crop and the environment it is growing in.

Generally areas are sprayed twice at a 7 day interval followed by applications at two to three weeks intervals.

How long will it keep for?

BdMax sprays will stay active for at least four years from manufacture if kept as described

Where should I store it?

Store BdMax sprays in a cool dark place away from strong electric fields.

What backup is there?

If you have any questions about the effect of BdMax products give us a call on 0800 735859 and speak to one of our sales people or consultants free of charge.


BdMax products are available directly from our laboratory in Havelock North. You can place an order on this web site, email us at ring our 0800 number, place an order and it will be delivered within three working days anywhere in New Zealand. Overnight couriers insure that your purchase is delivered to you as quickly as possible.

We have a national distribution and sales team which includes the ICD Group, Farmlands, Mitre 10, and Palmers as distributors.