Etherics 1000

All the Biodynamic preparations

We recommend that BdMax Etherics 1000 is used

after every third application (3:1) of our specific sprays.

BdMax Growing Guide for various crops


Etherics 1000 is made from all the biodynamic herbal compost preparations. These preparations are designed to balance and harmonise the soil and plant growth processes. They have been in use for this purpose on many farms worldwide, for 80 years. It is used as a generally beneficial spray addition for all liquid manures and other sprays you might use. It brings the wonderful effects of all the Biodynamic preparations to all your gardening activities easily and efficiently. There is no stirring needed, and it keeps in the bottle for years.


Etherics 1000 is BdMax’s version of the remarkable Biodynamic preparations. ( For more information on these preparations go to:, and replaces whatever uses you had for traditional Horn Manure (500) and the compost preparations 502-507, or cow pad pit. Etherics 1000 has been made according to the research findings of Drs Eugen and Lili Kolisko, as published in their work ‘Agriculture of Tomorrow’.  Thus bringing the most up to date form of Biodynamics to your garden in the most efficient form.


The BdMax specialist products, such as ThermoMax and BirdScare are made from specific combinations of these same remedies, with the aim of directing the plants’ biological processes to overcome specific problems. These products goals are achieved through facilitating natural changes in the plants growth processes. Each of these products however, if used by themselves over a long period of time, will eventually create an unbalanced plant, which in turn could effect the future growth of the crop.

Etherics 1000 balancing effects, when used after every third application of a specific spray, keeps the plants’ overall growth on track. Its ‘side effects’ are that it supports biological development of the soil and has been said to ‘deepen of the texture’ of the environment it is sprayed on.

Etherics 1000‘s enhancement of biological processes makes it the perfect product for inclusion with organic fertilisers and in composts. Breakdown is sped up and smells are reduced.



Etherics 1000 should be sprayed a few days before every third or fourth application of a specific spray. Spray over the plants and soil to wet.

Due to Etherics 1000s balancing effect, it can reduce the effectiveness of the specific product, so there is an advantage in reapplying the specific remedy within two or three days of the Etherics 1000 application. It is best to not apply Etherics 1000 at the same time as the specific remedy

Etherics 1000 can be applied with any other spray application you are using, such as BT, liquid fertilisers, Oils, compost teas etc.

Also use as a general spray adding 1 ml to every litre of water, either sprayed or watered.
For large acreages apply at 100ml per acre or 250mls per hectare.

Use 1 ml of Etherics 1000 per litre of water. 10lts of water can be used per cubic metre  of compost.
In the home garden, put the Etherics 1000 into a watering can, and water this over the compost heap as you build it. Two applications is usually enough. Once half way through and once at the end.

Liquid Manure
Use 1 ml of Etherics 1000 per 2 litres of water. Put in at the beginning of the making process.

Effluent Treatment
Use 1 litre poured into the effluent pond, then 100mls squirted over the milking pad before wash down, once a week.
See the trials of Etherics 1000 added to effluent

Other Products to consider

SilicaMax – BD prep 501 – Horn Silica. This is used to harden and strengthen plant growth. It can be severe in the summer and cause burning or forces plants to seed

PhotoMax – A mixture of some of the compost preps – It has a similiar light enhancing effect of the SilicaMax without the concerns of burning or early seeding. It enhances photosynthesis during periods of low light. Great for early spring or a dull summer.

Etherics 1000 MSDS.