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Harnessing Biological Forces for Commercial Outcomes
BdMax products support soil and plant production naturally

Product Summary

ThermoMax Frost Protection - contains NO Nitrogen

All these Products are
BioGro certified
BioGro certificate

PhotoMax Photosynthesis Enhancement
ZeroIn Water effect reduction / splitting
Etherics 1000 All in One Biodynamic prep
Etherics 7 Effluent and smell treatment & Drought
SilicaMax BD Silica / 501 compound
BirdScare For use on all fruits

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Chile Products  

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Other BioGro certified products

E15, Kiwifruit Peppers, RC, RA, FG4.  
Organic - BioGro Lic No 2753 - Demeter Accepted - ACVM Exempt -
No Witholding Periods

Non BioGro Certified Products
PC,  BM3,
CatScat, Human Essences,

Chaos Springs success with frost protection (-6C) and varicoses control on Citrus

2014 Energetic Activities DVDs - go to the shop at left and choose your country

 Utube video of ThermoMax on Grapes @-4C for 4 hours 

Etherics 1000 in Effluent Report 

Spray Programs are available at the link on the left

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