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Harnessing Biological Forces for Commercial Outcomes
BdMax products support soil and plant production naturally

Product Summary

ThermoMax Frost Protection 

All these Products are
BioGro certified
BioGro certificate

PhotoMax Photosynthesis Enhancement
ZeroIn Water effect reduction / splitting
Etherics 1000 All in One Biodynamic prep
Etherics 7 Effluent and smell treatment & Drought
SilicaMax BD Silica / 501 compound
BirdScare For use on all fruits

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Zespri Approved Products

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Chile Products  

Other BioGro certified products

E15, Kiwifruit Peppers, RC, RA, FG4.  
Organic - BioGro Lic No 2753 - Demeter Accepted - ACVM Exempt -
No Witholding Periods

Non BioGro Certified Products
PC,  BM3,
CatScat, Human Essences,

Chaos Springs success with frost protection (-6C) and varicoses control on Citrus

2014 Energetic Activities DVDs - go to the shop at left and choose your country

 Utube video of ThermoMax on Grapes @-4C for 4 hours 

Etherics 1000 in Effluent Report 

Spray Programs are available at the link on the left

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