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Please Note:  Inuit Burucker, Nico Puelma, Sophia Chile, Eco Suelo, Biodynamics ltda and Chemei , Martinez and Valdivieso and any products they sell, such as Chemie Bird Pro (and may say are similar to  BdMax products in Chile,) have NOTHING  to do with BdMax Chile or BdMax NZ. We do not endorse any of their claims. You use their products at your own risk.   -   Por favor Nota: Inuit Burucker, Nico Puelma, Sophia Chile, Eco Suelo, Biodinámica ltda y Chemei y cualquier producto que venden, (y dicen que son similares a los productos BdMax en Chile,) no tienen nada que ver con BdMax Chile. No apoyamos ninguna de sus afirmaciones. Usted utiliza sus productos son su propio riesgo.


Authentic Products

ThermoMax              - Frost Protection and Warming
BirdScare /B56        - Help minimise bird damage
RabbitChase / RC    - Help minimse Rabbit damage
RatAtk / RA             - Help minimise damage by Rats
PhotoMax                - More Photosynthesis in Low light periods, Nitrate control in Pasture
Etherics 1000          - General Harmoniser
SilicaMax                 - BD Horn Silica - 501
E7                            - To help with Dry Periods and Effluent treatment

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IMO -NOP,  IMO - EU , IMO - JAS  -  11.sep.2014 - 11 sep 2015   
MSDS, NZ organic label approval, NZ organic certification - BioGro (2013-14)
BioGro certication (2014-15)BioGro Product Overview (14-15)
NZ Bio Gro certification 16 -17  ( 15-16 see accreditations page)


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